• NAME: Low Voltage Cable
  • NO: YJV 0.6/1KV 4x240+1x120mm²
  • TIME: 2014-04-03
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  1. Application

  The cable is used in electric transmission and distribution system operating at AC rated voltage up to and including0.6/1KV.

  2.Operating Characteristic

  1) The rated voltage U0/U of cable is 0.6/1KV,1.8/3KV.

  2) The long term working temperature of conductor is 700C for cable with PVC insulation, 900C for cable with XLPE insulation.

  3) The cable laying temperature is not less than 00C, and the allowable bending radius of a cable is not less 20 times than cable overall diameter for single core unarmored cable, 15 times for single core armored cable ,12 times for 3 cores armored cable.

  3. Executive Standard

  GB/T12706.1-2008 、GB/T19666-2005

  4. Model, Name and Rated Voltage

  5. Specification and Technical parameter


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