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Google Commits to Faster Pacific Connection

Writer:Alice HuSource:WSJ Number of visits: Date:2014年11月21日 10:57

After months of planning, Google took the wrap off its plans to fund a $300 million fiber optic cable to Japan, committing the Web company to its third public investment in the region’s Internet infrastructure over the past six years.

The plan underscores how big technology companies are sending an increasing amount of traffic across private networks. It will build on Google’s already deep investments in Asia, including the already built Unity cable to Japan and the Southeast Asia Japan cable, which stretches to Singapore. Those fiber lines, which Google and other Web firms typically rent from telecom companies, are increasingly being used in-house to sync up Google’s massive data centers.

Google executives have said they want to reach billions more who have yet to buy a phone or even connect to the Internet. To serve them content—and ads—efficiently, Faster will need to live up to its name.

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